British Democratic Party

June 1, 2013

This is the new hoped-for successor to the failed BNP ( British National Party ). It is comprised mainly at present of former members of that Party who felt betrayed by its criminal mismanagement  under Nick Griffin.

It claims to be the Party of British Identity

It held its first meeting in its South East London Region and EIO went along to listen to what its plans are for the future. For a meeting to take place on a weekday evening, the hall it was in attracted well over 50 people, an encouraging beginning.

There have been several attempts over recent years to form another Nationalist Party to usurp the BNP but for one reason or another have quickly folded. This  new one appears far more substantial as it has at its helm Andrew Brons, an elected Member to the European Parliament, a very experienced and respected politician, not only in Nationalist circles. Quietly dignified, he nevertheless has a caustic and sardonic wit putting his opponents on the back foot.

A new Party, whatever its political make-up has a very difficult task to establish itself but judging from the enthusiasm issuing from the assembled audience there are grounds to believe that goal can be achieved in the long term.

Will it be enough to influence the direction of our nation?

01-06-2013 VERITAS




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